Tuesday, February 24, 2015

a picture of a bookstore leads me to a fabulous site

A few weeks back I was looking online for attractive photos of independent bookstores.  I found this.

Being kind of clueless at times, I neglected to find out where the pretty picture came from.  My bad. I should not have shared it without knowing that and crediting the source.  Well, here's that source, and I am so glad I found it.


Here is a piece of wonderfulness (one of many) that speaks directly to me as a writer of romance stories:  Writing Romance, Now More Than Ever

Monday, February 2, 2015

My Valentine story is out!

Here it is:  Heart of Stone.

Now available from Books To Go Now.

Sharon Hall’s biological clock is ticking.  
Policeman Jack Kennett appeals to the cuddly librarian, very much—but his attitude toward the library’s less-fortunate patrons makes her wonder if he’s too cold-hearted for marriage and fatherhood.  
Mabel likes him - but is a homeless woman who fled two bad marriages really  the right person to advise Sharon on romance?


A very odd young man, who wants a new library card in his Night Elf name, Ydrelion Owlblade, seems to be getting dangerously obsessed with Sharon...

Welcome to Oakville,

a contemporary small town where people still know their neighbors, friendships last a lifetime, and gossip is a force of nature!