Tuesday, January 13, 2015

new story coming for Valentine's Day

Heart of Stone, my next Oakville story, will be coming out soon, in time for Valentine's Day, through my delightful independent publisher  Books To Go Now .  I don't know quite yet what the cover will look like, but I can tell you a little about the story.

Downtown Public Library, Muncie, Indiana

It begins, as so many happy moments of my life have begun, in a fine old Carnegie Library.  Sharon Hall, mentioned in Comfort and Joy as Sid Meade's former squeeze, is the evening librarian in Oakville's Downtown Public Library.  Policeman Jack Kennett has taken to dropping  by on his break to visit.

Sharon is definitely attracted to him--and her biological clock is ticking--but she wishes he were not so judgmental about the little group of well-behaved homeless people who hang out in the library on winter evenings.  She wants a warm-hearted man in her dream of home and family.

Meanwhile, Jack isn't Sharon's only suitor.  A pale, lank-haired young man who lives in a fantasy world inspired by anime comics, and rejects his birth name Kyle Higgins in favor of his Night Elf name Ydrelion Owlblade.  He brings Sharon gifts from the Pagan Festival and writes poetry in her honor. But as he slides farther and further into fantasy, his attentions start to creep Sharon out....

Officer Jack Kennett sees Sharon's homeless buddies as a potential source of trouble...  But he could be very wrong.

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