Friday, March 20, 2015

It's a.... Mystery!

My newest story is out.

A Mystery For Marissa 

Story #One in the new romance series about a book club in (where else?)  Oakville.

The Monday 

Mystery Society

When young bookstore owner Rob starts a new reading group, The Monday Mystery Society draws ten diverse individuals, all attractive in their unique ways—and all of them single. How many will still be single by the night of the group’s closing party? 

Rob was content to divide his time and passion between running the independent bookstore he loves, and playing amateur soccer--until he met Marissa.  She may be the woman of his dreams, but unfortunately, the gorgeous nurse stiffens up at the mere hint that he might ask her out. Thinking fast, Rob invents a mystery reading group, just for the chance to spend some time with the gorgeous nurse. 

The big mystery on his mind now is how far he’ll have to go to get her attention.  Does he need to show up wounded (as some of his teammates already have) in her ER? 

Welcome to Oakville, where people still know their neighbors, friendships last a lifetime—and gossip is a force of nature.

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